Whammy Highway

Watch out, there could be Whammies down there!

Many contestants wish that the Whammy should hit the road, but not here! Along the Whammy Highway, you'll find some great sites related to game shows, the Whammy and more.

Game Show Network
Game shows all day and every day is the motto of our fave cable channel! Get the lowdown on all your favorite shows and hosts, play interactive games, chat with others and more. It's the Whammiest place to be! (You'll mainly find me at the message boards, I'm known as circlegirl)

The Press Your Luck Homepage
Brad Francini has created this Whammylicious site about PYL that has been going strong for quite some time. You'll learn about the show's history, some of the more memorable contestants, meet the cast, grab some great multimedia goodies and meet the Whammies that have been tormenting contestants for ages. Includes a section about Whammy (Picked up some of the Whammy images from here)

Whammy Fan Site
Another really cool site about Whammy. You'll find episode summaries, game info and more

SuperShow 8000
Chris Lane has dedicated his fan page to game shows of the 1980s, which includes sections on PYL and Whammy

No Whammies: The Press Your Luck Fanlisting
A fanlisting for people who love the old-school antics of the Whammy. Join up if PYL was one of your favorite 80s game shows

A forum where you can sound off about all your favorite shows. There is a game show section where you can talk about PYL in all its forms (look for me at the boards, my handle is FieldsFan336)

Todd Newton Online
Todd has his own official web site. Go check it out

Behind The Microphone
Got Whammy's sister fansite, dedicated to "The Price is Right" announcer Rich Fields (a guest star in the "Adventures of the Whammy Army" fanfics)

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