Whammy Profile: Todd Newton

The Fearless One on Russian Roulette

Every good Whammy deserves a friend once in a while just to keep them honest. Our Whammy has someone who has stuck by it since the show began. It's time to introduce you to the host of Whammy!

Anybody who has Game Show Network knows Todd Newton best as host of Hollywood Showdown, one of the channel's most popular and successful original programs. Born May 5, 1970 in St. Louis, Missouri, he got his start in 1990 as a DJ at a local radio station. He then moved another local station in 1992 under the name Rikk Idol and became the city’s top-rated nighttime personality. At one point during his radio career, Todd was featured in Seventeen magazine as one of the hottest DJs in America.

Other TV credits include a short term as host of GSN's Lover's Lounge and a reporter for Paramount Television's entertainment news program Hot Ticket, as well as stints on Living Single, various commercials, and the syndicated talk show Wavelength. If you saw the Miss Universe pageant in May 2001, you might have seen him work the backstage area as a roving reporter.
He is well recognized as the voice of E!. He has been with the network since 1996 where he contributes through various voice-over duties. As well, he is the host of Coming Attractions, a show which previews new and upcoming movies. He's also worked the red carpet at many of the major awards shows as an E! reporter.
In November 2001, he played as a contestant on Hollywood Squares during a series of media challenge shows, beating Stacey Gualandi of Inside Edition in his featured episode and winning $12,000 for charity.
Aside from doing Whammy, he was an afternoon drive host at New York radio station Mix 102. He has also hosted the game show Powerball Instant Millionaire as well as a live stage version of The Price Is Right (he also hosts the interactive TPIR DVD game), acted as guest announcer for the GSN Hosts edition of Lingo that first aired on April Fool's Day 2003, and also in 2003 hosted his first major network show, the Fox series Performing As..., a talent competition where ordinary people live out their fantasies as their favorite musical artists. And just recently, he was featured as the prize delivery host for CBS' Gameshow Marathon. In 2008, he was one of the final candidates for the new host of The Price is Right that eventually went to Drew Carey

A self-professed game show fan and animal lover, Todd has also been active in anti-drug programs such as D.A.R.E. and gives motivational speeches to schools. He also has worked alongside former American vice-president Al Gore as a strong campainger against global warming and devotes his time to an organization called the Climate Project. Still, out of all the gigs he has ever done, he has often said that hosting Whammy is one of the best.

Todd currently lives in California with his wife Silver and their two children.

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Thanks so much for writing. I actually didn't even know we were on in Canada so this is really exciting. I appreciate all the kind words and will certainly give your love to Whammy!
All the best,

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