The Adventures of the Whammy Army

A series of fanfictions starring members of the Whammy Army. Click on the title to read it (requires Microsoft Word)

One Of Our Generals Is Missing
When the General of the Whammy Army (Todd Newton) is kidnapped while on a recon mission, the rest of the Army teams up with a rookie Game Show Investigator (TPIR announcer Rich Fields) and heads into the Game Show World to rescue him. This fanfic features a cast of past and present game show personalities starring as some of the Game Show World's many inhabitants.

The Treasure of Reality Island (In Production)
The Whammy Army, along with their friend Rich, go on summer vacation and find themselves in a hunt for the lost treasure of Reality Island. Can they find it before a greedy villain (Simon Cowell) does? Features stars from reality shows past and present

The Main Cast
(some names are handles from the GSN boards)
The General: Todd Newton
General's Aide: Whammy
Corporal Steve: Steve Shuffield
Sergeant Circlegirl: Stephanie Saczawa (me!)
Lieutenant Pika of the Parawhammy Patrol: Pikachallenge
Private Pikacrow: Laurie
Lieutenant Neko: TheNewNeko
Covert Operative Doublewham: Gary Kroeger