Whammy Police Headquarters

Todd and Whammy on the run

Two cops have a paper trail a mile long on the Whammy. How do it and Todd manage to escape them? Here are some summaries of their run-ins (click here for the full dialogues).

The Hot Dog Vendor
The cops are talking to a street vendor who got covered in crazy string. Two people seem to have taken all his condiments, then asked him a question which he got wrong. One cop says "Sounds like the Whammy all right," then his partner adds "Next time, yell Big Bucks, No Whammies."
In the next scene, Todd (with binoculars) and Whammy are hiding behind a wall, looking for their next victim. Todd says "Whammy, I got another one right over there. Wow! Look at the size of that purse!"

The Street Artist
A talented artist seems to be the next victim of the Whammy, her head covered in pizza dough. After telling her story, she steps to the side to reveal a caricature of Todd on a skateboard and Whammy running beside him.
Afterward, Todd and Whammy are getting their photo taken in front of a police lineup chart. The photographer says "Turn to the left", ending the scene.

The Mime
The cops interview yet another victim of the Whammy--a mime. He acts out his story to the cops. One cop asks "Did you try yelling 'Big Bucks, No Whammies'?" The mime silently shouts out something to which the cop says "Did you just curse me?"
Meanwhile, the cops have caught up to Todd and Whammy. One cop frisks Todd while the other engages in a fight with Whammy. Todd remarks "Come on! Really, it's just a game show!" The cop frisking him replies "Really? Ask me a question!"

The Chase Is On
Detective show-type music plays as the cops chase Todd and Whammy down a city street. While Todd has a scared look on his face, Whammy just grins and bears it.